Wednesday, August 27, 2003

my schedule is in shambles, sorta. re-arranging everything around, i regret dropping architecture 100b actually, it sounds like magic but i'm afraid that i won't be able to honestly uphold my other commitments this semester if i undergo such a passion-taxing (although sometimes passion-fueling) class. it's a big gamble and i don't have the crazy eights for it. first impressions of my other classes:

third world cinema: eye-opening for a first lecture. exploration of the "voiceless" (a tired term but that resonates painfully true in the movies of this class.) the professor is surprisingly young, says "yalls" a lot, and is an anti-establishment "hegemony" fanatic. very fuck hollywood (and not in the superficial "the matrix" way.)
intro to photography: guilty pleasure. i should have gone to my computer 3d modeling class (less fun, but more crucial, especially in this revolutionary time when 3d technology and the internet will have unimaginable effects on the environment, or on our perception of the environment, real or otherwise.) sounds cool, but a hobby's a hobby, and my unit delegation is spare. gonna drop it.
urbanization of developing countries: i feel like crying in lecture. incredibly moving and intelligent. the professor drops all sorts of knowledge from all sorts of spectrums. the reading is immense but it's the stuff that i read for fun anyways. beautiful. i pray that i get past the waitlist.
visual autobiography: never trust a class that has comic sans mas as its official syllabus font. full of fluffy art and snobby hipsters: i spot 4 black rimmed weezer glasses, 5 mop tops (including me, i suppose), and 6 kids adorned in bright colored ironic t-shirts. my politeness made me stay (it will be the death of me) but now i will drop it.
poetry for the people: a whole lot of dirty poets. my kind of people.

i will now shop around for 2 new classes... potentially a digital film editing class (called the "digital video: architecture of time"... the words "video" and "architecture" in the same course title, is this fate, my love?), a landscape drawing class (because my sketch drawings are messy like david choe, but the beauty through ugliness thing ain't coming through, it's just ugly), or that 3d modeling class.

me talking about all my new classes and shit, did i just bore you, or what?