Sunday, October 23, 2005

tilt your head

(community museum project)

this is lee tung street, in wan chai, hong kong. i work just across the road from that yellow/green shop at the very top of the picture. right near the top is a small drink stall that blends fruits into juice, any combo you’d like, kiwi-papaya, banana-mango, apple-orange. i walk this street every morning and evening, cross it to get to the subway and tram stations. at lunch hour, suits and ties line up outside the restaurants. food for any diet: a home cooked pilipino buffet, north-chinese steamed dumplings, and kentucky fried chicken. you will smell sweet potatos, egg tarts, and fried pig sausages when you get out of work at night. metal shops and hardware stores scattered throughout too, and all throughout the day you will hear jack-hammering.

this block is already disappearing, within the next year it will all be gone.