Wednesday, October 12, 2005

(sou fujimoto's n house)

random nonsense before bed notes:

this living in hong kong, i think, is a like looking at pictures of yourself that you don’t remember having been taken. the face is familiar, but nothing else is, almost like you're peeking into someone else’s dream.

it’s on the mtr (subway), my train emptying itself at admiralty, a crowd juking out to transfer, where i catch sight of a girl with a green dress and a grocery bag, and i think "this feels familiar... oh wong kar wai filmmed it!" and it’s that city that he shot that i’ve been unconsciously looking out for. the next morning i walk into a tiny take-out restaurant and wonder when faye wong will jump out and sing "california dreaming."

on the bus ride home, there are tiny televisions everywhere. and i try not to watch, but i always do, all the advertisements all the way home.