Monday, November 15, 2004

summer snuck back in, with a tri tip grin and a dash of chicken salad by her lip, on saturday. she said "FUCK OFF!" to fall, who sat around in a member's only jacket and some black lebron james 2 (why is fall so effin trendy?) winter wasn't invited, she smelled too much like cigarettes. and spring, spring's studying abroad.

the sun was out, and cyrus found a secret beach, he did. the montara down by pacifica, just a breeze past the animal style fries of daly city. we hauled the air in like it was made of fire, and some light had gone out behind our eyes. we dared the ocean to extinguish us, and screamed at it, garden state style supposedly, i wouldn't know, i don't want to watch the movie (how hype can kill something beautiful.)

buttteeerrr fish and green tea ice cream, i heart huckabees for the 2nd time, korean bbq in oakland, food coma at home, jose's birthday in northside, and video games at the alex choi playground. this weekend was about escape. last night i couldn't stand my bed so i brought my blankets to my roof and slept there. couldn't see the stars, but from my roof you can see all the dim lights of the berkeley southside.