Thursday, November 25, 2004

in san pedro, car dealerships always hang in groups - like a posse of silver haired fellows kicking it in xxl tees along the pacific coast highways. sweet oranges are hard to find, especially when you've decided that you will no longer support supermarkets and walmarts (fuggem, don't needem.) los angeles makes it hard to maintain a liberal lifestyle - you have to continuously reload your gas gussler (sorry tommy corn) wherever you go. i think, i don't want to live here after college (one month to go, yikes.) but maybe i won't have a choice. odb is singing i let it out like diarrhea off my brother's radio as we try to drive home, the 405 barely moving, and all those red brake lights staring back at us. there should be more dance parties on the freeway. what i wouldn't give to do the electric slide on top of that truck.