Sunday, May 09, 2004

unfocused - will fully delve into my senior thesis once finals are over. can't wait: it's a hybrid assignment, part exploratory research, part creative project. a mixtape of architecture, film, city development, anthropology, and a tinge of media theory. damn thankful i have the backing of professor on this - she's trusting me and i don't even trust me. but she's not enough, i will need the advice of some other educators along the way. got a dreamlist of mentors shyly scribbled on a crumpled piece of scrap somewhere, will unfold the paper when the time comes. your name is included, care for some coffee (or boxed wine) sometime?

kang je-gyu's shiri, hong sang-soo's the day a pig fell into the well, pen-ek ratanaruang's last life in the universe, tran anh hung's cyclo, wong kar wai's happy together, royston tan's 15, spencer nakasako's refugee, seung-wook moon's nabi, park chan-wook's sympathy for mr vengeance, bong joon-ho's memories of a murder, moon s kim's wonderful days, park chan-wook's joint security area