Friday, March 05, 2004

so i'm a nerd, but i think it's fun to speculate on who the next VP will be. i'm rooting for the people of color, congressman john lewis or governor bill richardson.

john lewis, freedom rider, civil rights leader, congressman, cat rocked it with mlk jr back in the day. i don't want this election to be about the past but what was bush doing in the 60s while lewis was organizing rallies, mobilizing hundreds of thousands of volunteers, and fighting for equality and civil rights?

bill richardson, governor of new mexico, four time nobel peace prize nominee, former ambassador to the united nations. brings plenty of foreign policy experience to the table, man, holmes will take down cheney and bush on badly they screwed over the world.

it's open game right now, we prolly won't find out for a few weeks. i'm guessing it's most likely going to be edwards though, with all the hype surrounding him right now. could be clark too. whatever. as long as it's not dick gerphardt.