Monday, March 08, 2004

the makeagoddamnfilmbytheendofthesemester project - entry 1

strung out on coffee right now, going crazy, shit i'm amazed at how i'm able to survive without a planner or anything, juggling concert planning, api issues conference, thesis paper, furniture design, midterms, poetry 4 the people, vsa culture show, birthdays, and of course the girlfriend all in my head at the same time at every single aching moment of my life. need sleep, why did i drink so much coffee? ok alright alright alright alright alright first thing i do tomorrow is buy a planner. oh and meet with prof roy about my thesis paper (i'm actually writing one! crazy!)

and in the midst of all this madness we're thinking of making movies.

the screening of "regret" at the naata film fest went pretty well today, they gave us free croissants so you know i'm happy. excited that people in chicago, houston, and calgary, canada, are going to watch the movie. crazy. we're still riding this movie one year after it's completion. it's all cool and all but it's high time we jump back into the mad laboratory...

gonna collaborate with some insanely creative folks on these next few projects, let's see what happens.