Friday, March 26, 2004

one year ago i wrote this in my blog:


la dyc fu 111: i hope you feel grounded.

me too. my family life is a wreck tonight. heartbreak and unshared feelings run deep in my family and sometimes it just spills out and messes everything up. this makes me stronger though. i'm not gonna let this happen to my future family. i've been running and running from home but now it's time i start making things right. i'm brave. but not brave enough to share the poem about all this.

lord i've got to change
lord i've got to change
the only thing i'm scared of
is staying the same

sings dennis kim

that's always been my anthem as well, man...

dope song of the day: nick drake's pink moon. if you're like me and you're just another kid going through post-teenage angst, you should listen to some nick drake. it's melancholic and beautiful. now switch off that john mayer mp3. this one's it.

damn, how history repeats itself. must not let this happen again.

i feel like i've just been crumpled up and tossed into the wind.

(and what a sap i used to be, consoling myself with nick drake

...this year it's all about Iron and Wine.)