Monday, November 03, 2003

"senorita extraviada"

we shoot angels from the sky the same way we black-eye girlfriends
we blame them for getting in our way

see a long time ago
mother was not a dirty word

we leap to beat when the words motherfucker/son-of-a-bitch hurl at our ears
we sprint to split the jaw that dared to deem our mothers to be
the toys of men
their used things
because deep down
we�re afraid that such a thing
our mother a used thing
could be true

our daughters are betrayed by dolls
that teach them only how to be mothers
and nothing else

our sisters strap themselves to the sweatshop lines and stitch sorrows
with calloused fingers without a tomorrow
our sisters stand in line for milk stamps for their babies
bearing the hoarse cry of a thirsty child in their arms

among the worldwide labor force, women (particularly women of color) are the majority
among the poor, women and children, are the majority

the bible boasts eve to be evil because she sought knowledge
because she defied the male
head of the household
creator of the universe

so she is raped
of everything that she had
(while adam is given a second chance under the pseudonym hey-zeus)

we strangle angels with umbilical cords the same way we hollow our women
we don�t hear the word �no�

no one knows who is massacring the women of the city of juarez, mexico
(300 or so raped and murdered in the past ten years)

it�s probably me
it�s probably me

i am clipping angel wings in my sleep

(to learn more about the juarez killings: or watch the shattering documentary "senorita extraviada"