Friday, November 28, 2003

fantastic films

lost in la mancha - hilarious/heartbreaking documentary of terry gilliam's failed potential masterpiece "the man who killed don quixote"... an insightful look into not only director gilliam's filmmaking process, but his wonderful (and insane) imagination.
nine queens - a breathtaking argentinian movie by fabi�n bielinsky about con-men, double-crosses, sex, and stamps.
genghis blues - it's about blues, throat singing, and mongolian vodka
dithers - art film featuring david choe, sam flores, shepard fairey, bigfoot, seen, and a whole army of other street artists
lost in translation - dreamy!

films i still need to see

les triplettes de belleville
21 grams
in america
amores perros
talk to her
happy together
capturing the friedmans