Thursday, November 06, 2003

in dire need of break, too tired of traveling. everyday is so packed with meetings and class i barely have any time for myself. these days of heartbreak and white hairs are worth it though, i've never had such a productive semester (war on 54 concert, winter is coming, architecture, soulstice II, poetry 4 the people...) gonna burn out soon, i can feel my nerves rebelling against me, crackling under my skin. they need some rest and my back's got no comfort. oh please, let me get through these next few weeks. if i do, i promise to catch up on lost time with you, dear bed.

it's weird, i feel more stressed out at the apartment then i do at architecture studio. i think it's because when i'm at home, i'm reminded of what i neglect.

it's nuts, but i'm young. i can spare the wrinkles.