Friday, November 10, 2006

sometimes, we make music videos into cities, make up a metropolis just for a song - night skyscrapers lit like sequine dresses, freeway overpases cut and paste out of cloth. some images sneak into our heads and never really leave. i wonder if, one day, someone might build a city inspired by a music video he saw a long time ago.

Here’s a mixtape for you, a collection of invisible cities. It begins with a ride across downtown in Futureshock’s “Late at Night” and it ends on an airplane, window seat, looking out at a developing world in Zero 7 and Jose Gonzalez’s “Futures.”

Maybe, one day, we'll live in one of these:

Futureshock – Late at Night (Dir: Ne-O)

Ebb – I’m All Made Out of Music (Dir: Tiny Tim)

Stereogram – Walkie Talkie Man (Dir: Michel Gondry)

Ken Ishii – Visionary World (Dir: Ne-O)

Zero 7 + Jose Gonzalez – Futures (Dir: Robert Seidel)

can anyone recommend anymore urban discoscapes?