Sunday, April 09, 2006

like globe trotting, back-packing, jet-setting without leaving your seat, like sand under your feet, snow on your lips, and you haven’t moved an inch... freda hooked us arch-nerds up with some spectacular seats at the show, we were so close it was like jonsi was singing to us while cooking spaghetti in the kitchen.

felt home-sick after the show, and remembered that concert in oakland a few years ago, jean, dom, sheng, andinh, chen... i slept through the opening act, but when sigur ros started i was set on fire, third degree burns all over my heart. after the show, on the ride home, i wasn’t feeling anything, i was just sitting there in a daze, wondering where i was... after a concert like that it takes some time getting used to being yourself again.

after last friday’s show, i took a walk around kowloon and the way the yellow street lamps hung over the highway... i felt like i was in Oakland again (was i 19 back then?) i told s a few weeks ago on the phone that no matter where she goes from now, she’ll bring berkeley and london with her. it was just something to say to make someone feel less sad about moving on, and i wasn’t sure i really believed in it myself. but out of nowhere, oakland crept out of my bones, the way the buses moved, buildings looked, i don't know how to say it, it was just an oakland night, you know? i swung around lamp pole and tried to sneak into a warehouse when i got a phone call.

“hey, where are you?,” she asks.

“i’m… not so sure.”