Thursday, April 06, 2006

(orginally spooted on mintcar)

"i have the biggest crush on darth vader. dude, the cape, the boots. he's so intimidating... and hot. half-machine, half-man... everything a woman could dream of."

"oh... um, whoa."


let’s make a dream out of ink and bank statements, pull a pen out of your pocket and start with a circle, just keep on swirling, don’t lift your hand, just twirl, it’s a dance floor, freshman year, and the girl you like has just grabbed your hand, don’t let go, just move, move, until the circle is no longer a circle but a spiral in a oval in a womb like a Charles Bukowski poem carved out in binary code ( 0000110000010000 ), if it looks like the sky, or your mother’s cooking, you may be getting it, now loosen your grip, draw with your elbows, remember that you can bring back to life what’s already dead, or what was never there, and that drawing is for those that feel like the world is not yet enough, carve it, use your tongue, spit, make up a map to a city that you promised you’ll meet that someone at, it’s a house, no, it’s a room, no it’s just a line, and you haven’t even lifted your pen yet…


music download: edan and mr. lif - making planets (sorry, m4a format... you'll need i-tunes, but you'll getchoo galactus on.)