Saturday, September 17, 2005

marmalade tram

went to a beach bbq with friends from work tonight, and then i rode the tram home, which feels a little like you’re tumbling through the stomach of someone stumbling home from a hookah bar on haight street.

eating might be the best form of transportation, tiny cities on the tip of your tongue that suddenly grow and build all around you at the spark of a certain taste or smell.

21 things i loved from the bay area, but damn, i'm bugging out, i'm leaving out on so much!

cinnamon brioche, lavender honey, marmalade, croissants – la note
teriyaki steak sandwiches – burger depot
sangria, jerk chicken, calamari – cha cha cha’s
cinnamon hookah – kan zaman
philo with spinach and feta, hummus – la med
fried chicken and mangoes – thai temple
bulgogi sandwich – expresso expressions
chocolate cookie with white chocolate chunks - café strada
carne asada torta, plus horchata – taquiera cancun
tri-tip sandwiches - brazil café
bockwurst, no ketchup – top dog, southside
anything at - cheeseboard pizza
chicken tiki masala – naan and curry
the samples at the cheese table – farmer’s market
tenshidon chicken – yokohama station
kalbi, and karaoke (singing is a meal) – koryo
caterpillar roll – alameda sushi house
crepes with cranberry sauce – crepes-a-go-go
carnitas taco – taco truck in oakland
cheese puffs – gregoire
ramen– my apartment

more later!