Friday, September 16, 2005

ask this city to dance

sometimes architecture is a seduction, and my job is like doing the tango, the breakdance, and the viennese waltz all at the same time, astor piazzolla, kool moe dee, and johann strauss blasting at full volume all around you, and you’re not wearing any pants.

(i think i like it.)

work is crazy! i spend so much time at the office i’m beginning to wonder if my boss will start charging me for rent. my projects are all over the place… large scale residential and commercial buildings in china, a small-scale restaurant in hong kong… and it’s so easy to get stuck in all of it, start thinking too much in 1:200 scale you start to forget the 1:1, the city climbing higher and higher just outside the window.

i hear that the meter and the gram are supposed to rebel against the imperial feet and pounds, and that these measurements are tiny acts of defiance, so i guess all these numbers i measure my life with are supposed to bite and bruise me. i'm just trying to complain. but this week has been long, and i gotta catch up with sleep.

(so i can out dancing, real dancing, this weekend!)