Wednesday, May 04, 2005

thanks taina for the head's up!

California Immigrants: The Victims of Friendly Fire

By Peter Schey*
President, Center for Human Rights and Constitutional Law

Whether made out of an abysmal ignorance or reckless disregard of
fairly well-known facts regarding immigration policy, Gov. Arnold
Schwarzenneger's recent comments on this subject are hopelessly
misguided, profoundly embarrassing to California, and virtually
guarantee that the State with the most at stake on migration issues in
this country will have no voice at the negotiating table when it comes
to immigration policy.

Gov. Schwarzenneger, who has never answered questions regarding the
legality of his own employment when he arrived here as an immigrant in
1971, or authorized the release of his immigration files for public
scrutiny, has now launched a xenophobic and senseless crusade against
the migrant community living in California while at the same time
claiming to be "the champion of immigrants." If he is their champion,
then immigrants in California feel they have been hit and seriously
wounded by friendly fire.

Within the past two weeks the governor has made several incredibly
stupid statements relating to migration policy and California's role
in the national immigration debate.

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also, let's welcome: put together by attorney anthony solana, jr, it contains two guides:

"A Guide to the Law School Application Process for People of Color"

"A Guide to the Bar Exam for People of Color"