Monday, May 09, 2005


jose: hipster dance to your sweater's content
jose: i'm trying to write a hipster poem
bruce: hipsters have the flashiest shoes
bruce: line them up it's like a rainbow at their feet
bruce: i'd like to gather all my friends with purple/pink/neon green shoes
bruce: and get them to linedance
jose: yes! omg that'd be awesome
bruce: and then bring in a leprechaun to lead the jig
jose: cuz i've seen party photos of kids just taking photos of their Royal Elastics shoes
bruce: trucker hats will go out of fashion... but royal elastics... never
jose: the apocalypse will leave cockroaches and prancing Royal Elastics dancing in the remnants of Joan River's silicon
bruce: lol
bruce: let's get that tattooed somewhere near our buttocks
jose: what? is the Anus the apocalypse bruce?
jose: homo hater!