Thursday, March 03, 2016

woke up late this afternoon, around 1:30 pm. my brother woke me up. i asked what time it was and he joked that it was 8 am. been up all night making weird SFX graphics and patterns for a new film, KTC.

groggy, i check my phone. i have a text from SG, my colorist for IDB. he wants me to come by Warner Bros to look at the film. we have a big meeting on monday and i should get ready for it.

RL also texted me this morning about a bachelor party. i don't text back yet. schedule is changing so fast, not sure if i can go yet.

on the drive to burbank, i think about asian american cinema, how i haven't done much as a filmmaker yet in terms of representing exploring asian american life or issues...  i'm disappointed in myself. this filmmaking life... it's a process, i tell myself ... and i'll get there.

watching IDB in the color labs of WB... i have a chance to not think and just watch images. it's relaxing. some scenes that i was worried about turned out fine. i think that we can do something special here.

f e-mails me two crazy scripts. one about a pop star, another about a fighter. both sound amazing.

on the drive away from WB, i decide i should blog again.