Friday, February 16, 2007

what, what, what?

gather crowds, and listen to them. a lonesome smile may be meant for you. go through them:
lightning, rain, thunder, ice-storms.
smile at the sun's temperature. at least. talking about insurrection, and subversion, and strategies, and tactics - the smile's your main concern.
be where you are at, and surrender. invisibilities surround you.
hands up! everything you say can be used for and against you.

scenes de la vie interieure... momentary orbit bow and arrow orgasm tension swells and subsides.
make one wave and multiply the floods. trips for fellow travellers.
smell: here i come. taste: here i go.
pied piper aimed at you. wake up, and realize you're in love.
how beautiful you are. sunset. sunrise. the same one.
we'll see the same things. do we? i'd love to.
i've been talking to you. remember: a piece of my mind, which is yours. a sign of life.
it feels good to be surrounded by friends and lovers.

everything you do is all right.
everything is all right.

- simon vinkenoog