Sunday, May 07, 2006

on a rooftop in causeway bay, watching clouds passby, there's only one star out, and it looks like the last cornflake in a bowl of milk, my throat is a little worn from some cigarettes, and i tap my ashes into a san miguel beer bottle lying next to me, my friend is taking some pictures, and she says that they look sort of wong kar wai. someone else asks a question about things we regret not doing, and i don't feel like answering, i got my arm under my neck and i'm just lying around, looking up, watching the sky move, and my mind's not here, of course, it's somewhere else, in another city, another place, another time, i'm not so sure.

i think about different places - berkeley, san francisco, los angeles, shanghai, hong kong - and can feel all sorts of streets, neighborhoods, cities, build and unbuild inside my skull in the span of seconds. i've wondered into many places this past year, a lot by accident, and this summer... i can't even imagine... and after that... after that, who knows.

when will i see you again, i wonder?