Thursday, December 23, 2004


grew up here

now live here

one day end up here?

movement. not quite sure where, or how. but i'd like to go somewhere, soon, leave with nothing on me, except a toothbrush in my backpocket. ok ok, a toothbrush and a discman, but just one record though (digable planets - blow out comb) nothing else. ok ok ok, a toothbrush, a discman, a cd, and a book (of poems, mohja kahf's "e-mails from scheherazad," i want some voyagers dust on me shoulders.) that's it. no, some cans of soy milk too. but that's it.

strap a balloon onto my backpack, i need to go somewhere.

(aren't subway maps somethin? the colors are dope. the blushing red line are full of would-be lovers who don't dare introduce themselves to each other on train rides, the blue line are for the tired coming home late who like to sit by the window and look at the stars, the pink lines are defiant and show off tattoos of graffiti, the green lines got an identity crisis and wish they were a horse and carriage through the park, and the yellow lines... the yellow lines are for the asian americans who should ride the train for free, they built them railroads. word, jin, word.)