Thursday, August 12, 2004

handsome boys modeling schooled

jean: boxing match. gainsbourg vs. nakamura. who would win?

bruce: serge'd kill the automator in a slugfest, frenchman'll fight dirtier than a wedgie laced with gravy. nakamura's got a mean ol posse to back him up, del and damon and mike patton and shiiiit, but let's face it: when it comes to baaaaaadasses, serge's is up there, budding heads next to richard roundtree and charles bronson from death wish 3.

jean: no, wait, actually ...which fella would you let your lady spend one night with ... (and say you HAD to choose) gainsbourg or nakamura???

bruce: the automator. why we always gotta emasculate the asian male? and who would you choose? SERGE OR DAN?

jean: dan.

*sigh* when is the sequel to handsome boy modeling school coming out?