Friday, October 31, 2003

happy 6 months. my dear friend, we have no road. we make our road as we walk (lost in translation is such a beautiful thing.)

thank you to ronnie for the butcher paper limo. i am your indentured servant.

my room has: a broken computer, a broken picture frame, and a broken lamp. must adapt to creative challenges. architecture is a cool major, folks. stress over design details is way more fun than stress over math problems (but incredibly terribly heartbreaking nonetheless.) cartoon project goes cool. the creation of an opera for children (or "chopera" as ed the musician exclaims.) wrote an epic poem tonight in one sitting. this project is a step out of my safety zone (taking steps out of my safety zone has been quite common place this semester.) apparently i pout in my sleep. all my roommates are sleeping. i should too.

enough about me, i'd love to hear about you.

ps: apologies to those who've e-mailed me and i haven't gotten a chance to e-mail back. i'm not ignoring you. i just lost my glasses and this typing stuff is sort of draining on the eyes.

oh, and jerry, thanks for letting me use your laptop. how goes it, jerry? i hope the heartache is bearable. let's write love haikus together over $2.50 food at sun hong kong. just call my cell when you're free, i won't be home for a while.