Tuesday, September 16, 2003

an inspiring e-mail from peter gee. i feel like i'm in the fight club.

"The election is STILL ON for October 7th.

For at least the next seven days, the election is still on! Although the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals voted today to postpone the election, the decision does not take effect for seven days (September 22nd). The pro-recall parties have said they will appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court, and we will have to wait to see whether the Supreme Court decides to get involved before we know whether the election has really been postponed.

Given the uncertainty in this situation, we must not relax our efforts to educate and mobilize voters across the state. If the Supreme Court decides to allow the election to proceed, we will only have two weeks to get our voters to the polls, and we must build on the momentum of the past few weeks. So we must continue � and even intensify � our efforts to Defeat 54! Now, more than ever, we still need your energy, your time, and your financial support.

Victory is in sight.
This October 7th, Vote NO on Proposition 54.